Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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[pb_up] – a patchwork portrait

Friday, 27 January @ 18:00- 19:00 @ the Edge

“Many have claimed that ’The computer is the new folk guitar’; if this is so, then PB_UP is the first accoustic computer music folk band: The laptop is their only instrument.” Jonas Hummel translated this approach into a documentary film installation and worked out an unusual portrait of this unusual band. On laptops and projections surrounded by a capturing quadrophonic sound collage, the vistor of the installation walks amidst an interactive environment, which illuminates the creative processes and the musical communication of this contemporary ensemble. Nine videoclips show different perspectives on performances of the “acoustic computer band” PowerBooks_UnPlugged.

Jonas Hummel, born 1981 in Stuttgart, is a Berlin-based media artist & engineer working in the field of documentary film and sound/ recording. He first started his studies with Political Science, later changed to study sound and video engineering at the ‘Institute For Music and Media’, in Duesseldorf. There he has done installation works and film projects on various topics such as self-portrait (2006), ‘productive failure’ (theatre piece/documentary film 2007), electronic music by fine arts artists in Duesseldorf (documentary 2008), global container trade in the port of Duisburg (four-Screen visual music installation 2009), experimental electronic sound & African Emigration (sounddesign for science-fiction short film) Since 2008 he has been taking courses in SC-programming and workshops for network performance with Alberto DeCampo/Julian Rohrhuber and circuit-bending workshops with Hannes Hoelzl. He graduated 2011 on the topic sound design in documentary movies.