Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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// Saturday 28th January 10-2pm & Sunday 29th January 10-2pm // PST, 71 Lombard Street
Digbeth, Birmingham, B12 0QU // Tickets – £20 // 12 participants max.

Collaborative live coding performance & Stochastic Composition and Synthesis  

[“Alberto de Campo”, “Jankees van Kampen”, “Sergio Luque”].scramble;

This workshop will combine the idea of performing music together live by re-writing code,
with advanced methods of stochastic composition designed for unique synthesis methods.
We will cover:
* the basics of network music performance with Republic, an open-source library for live coding
in SuperCollider, written by members of powerbooks unplugged.
* the basics of programming in JITLib style, which is in our experience one of the most flexible
approach to collaborative live coding,
* some examples from the repertoire of powerbooks unplugged (Jankees and Alberto),
* and advanced methods of stochastic composition with nonstandard synthesis methods (Sergio)
Basic familiarity with SuperCollider is recommended,
Good familiarity with other text programming environments is also helpful.
Optional: If there is interest among the participants, we could also put on a performance
by the workshop leaders with the participants, maybe 15-20 minutes.
Participants should bring their own laptops, with SuperCollider 3.4.4 installed; 
OSX and linux are much better supported than windows.
Attendees MUST buy workshop tickets in advance – avaialble here.