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Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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m a c h i n i c d r i f t

22 February – 2 March 2013
Opening: 21 February, 6-8pm

Taking the notion of networking as a point of departure artists Steven Dickie and Pete McPartlan have made new works encompassing video, sound and object that variously explore the nature of the singular within a mass and the transmission and exchange of abstract thought.

Open 12-6pm during Network Music Festival and 12-5pm the following Thursday to Saturday.

The Lombard Method
68A Lombard Street
Birmingham B12 0QR


Steven Dickie’s approach suggests that through the pursuit of knowledge the threshold of experience can be expanded and a new way of knowing can be found. Drawing from our data rich contemporary society his work explores means to broaden the scope and increase the volume of information consumed. His practice spans sculpture, audio, drawing and performance and through it he considers humanities’ desire to satisfy its innate curiosity.

Pete McPartlan makes video works and drawings reflecting on modes of perception – investigating problems and questions about synesthesia and process – attempting to encourage alternative ways of looking and listening. Much of his work is developed through an interest in music and sound – ideas of improvisation and composition as it relates to generative processes, complex systems and interaction with the viewer and page.

Samuel Rodgers is a sound artist and composer/improviser. He has ongoing collaborations with Stephen Cornford, Jack Harris and Laura James, co-curates the Consumer Waste record label and Empty Orchestra curatorial project, and studied MA Time-based Art Practices and BA Music Composition at Dartington College of Arts.