Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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The Network Music Festival will run 24 hours a day 15-18th July 2020 to present a diverse programme of work from artists at locations around the globe. As part of our programme we are including a number of interactive works that include aspects of audience participation. We have the following interactive events planned as part of our 2020 online programme.

All times in GMT+1. For times in your timezone see:

Wednesday 15th July

1800-1900 : Ryan Carter // On the Expressive Potential of Suboptimal Speakers

Friday 17th July

0200-0300 : Kaon’CPT // Perripplayear

1800-1900 : RE/SHFT/ER // SHP of THSEUS

Saturday 18th July

1000-1100 : Pure Absence  CANCELLED

1800-1900 : Manoli Moriaty // Simul Sunder