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Social Sofa – Peter Maxwell Dixon

Tuesday 24th January to Sunday 29th January 2012 // Ort. Cafe

Sofa from Peter Dixon on Vimeo.

Social Sofa is an interactive sound installation that combines the social network with answer phone messages. Utilizing tweets relating to the Network Music Festival along with messages left over the phone it will be living in the Ort Cafe, Moseley Road, Birmingham it will deliver a mix of live feeds from the events running at the other venues, tweets about the festival left with the hash tag #NMF2012 and voice messages left via 0121 288 0763.
The installation take the form of a sofa with built in diffusion speakers running MaxMSP.
You can interact with the piece by either tagging a twitter post with the tag #NMF2012 or leaving messages on 0121 288 0763.

Peter Maxwell Dixon, born 1984 in Leicester, is a Birmingham-based practical and creative individual with a diverse portfolio of experience in studio and live sound engineering, teaching, performing and composing and as a sound artist. Interested in music from a young age, he studied Composition at the Birmingham Conservatoire of Music under Joe Cutler and Lamberto Coccioli. Peter became interested within installation sound art, an art form combining all of his skills, and he created many interactive installations including ‘Tree’ (2010), ‘Spraycans’ (2011), ‘Laughing Stairwell’ (2010) and ‘Sofa’ (2005).