Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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La Roda – Barcelona Laptop Orchestra

As a metaphor of the unreliability of human communications, the Chinese Whispers game serves as the inspirational idea of La Roda, a multiuser instrument and performative environment developed by the Barcelona Laptop Orchestra.  In La Roda each performer contributes with his own instrument to the global result. A shared audio clip which is mutated in turns. Through careful balance of each performer actions, unexpected patterns may emerge as the original sonic material dives into surprising, often amusing new sonic realms. Each La Roda performance is unique. This time we offer a mixed session with flute player Carlos Vaquero Patricio freely improvising and a number of laptopists processing the audio materials provided by the flutist.

The Barcelona Laptop Orchestra offered its première in June 2009 and is currently coordinated by Josep M Comajuncosas, teacher from the Sonology Department from the Escola Superior de Música from Catalonia. Its members are students, former students and teachers from this institution as well as researchers from the Music Technology Group, Pompeu Fabra University. BLO performers use laptop computers with or without additional electronics, such as homemade control interfaces and custom feedback devices. The Orchestra aims at being a meeting point for composers, sound designers and researchers in new music interfaces, investigating both into new instrumental paradigms and their use in live performances. The BLO repertoire consists of freely reinterpretations of classic electroacoustic works and improvisational sessions. It performs regularly around Catalonia, as well as in events such as the Sound Computing Music Conference in Porto (2009) and Barcelona (2010) and the Sonar Festival in Barcelona (2011).