Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Enrico Bertelli and Tom Webster

Enrico Bertelli – solo hybrid drum kit

Psappha, a personal take (2010): a digital interpretation of Xenakis’ masterpiece for percussion, with an exploration of different striking techniques in a pool of samples from an enticing scrap metal recycling plant.
V-eSnare (2011): for snare drum and live-electronics, is an exploration of the conventional snare drum, used as a resonant object, struck with the weirdest sticks and mallets and a curious collection of objects. Based on a controlled improvisation revolving around Kim Shon’s masterpiece, the film Hemorrhage.
Drumactica (2009): developed during the New Music New Media residency at the Aldeburgh Festival, the piece marries a digital drum kit with the world of pitched sound, to create a hybrid drum kit. The result is a one-man rock band which will blow you off your seats.

enrico_bertelli_tom webster