Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Glitch Lich

A liquid-crystal wall divides performer from audience. A span of several thousand miles separates performer from performer. Like all things in life, this is all an illusion. We hope you enjoy the digital necromancy.

Glitch Lich is a group of like-minded musicians specializing in creating and performing real-time network music with its members spread across three different time zones. The quartet met at Mills College focusing on the practices of improvisation with electronics, just-intonation, and game theory with Chris Brown, John Bischoff, Roscoe Mitchell, among others. Since then, members of Glitch Lich have relocated to other parts of globe in pursuit of further studies in composition, DEMONOLOGY, and brewing. To maintain their performance practice, Glitch Lich have devised innovative methods to continue to collaborate despite trans-national/ Atlantic distances, developing new technologies to facilitate this mode of music making as part of their respective PhD research studies.