Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Jack Harris & Samuel Rodgers

This performance, taking place simultaneously in Birmingham and London, explores audio streaming as an instrumental component of an improvised exchange. Each performer shall send audio to one another via Skype, and endeavour to respond to the indeterminate nature of this signal, and to particularities of space, context and audience. You are invited to share your email address with the performers if you wish to receive an edited recording of the two performances.

“We work in live and recorded contexts with phonography, digital synthesis, electromagnetic reproduction, and internal/acoustic feedback. We consider the combination of our respective instruments to be a collaborative, continually evolving composition that we \’interpret\’ in relation to particularities of space, context and audience. We are interested in the emergent properties of such indeterminate processes, and notions of virtuality/reality in relation to listening.”  Jack Harris works with field recordings, amplification and electronics in improvised and compositional contexts.  Samuel Rodgers is a sound-oriented artist and composer/improviser. Time is given to exploring acoustic phenomena, and developing physical/tactile relationships to sounding objects and spaces. Sound recording and reproduction are key in the articulation of these spatial relationships. Ongoing collaborations with sculptor Stephen Cornford, sonic artist Jack Harris, and artist Laura James.