Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Hypogaeum – Můstek

Hypogaeum is a new work for analogue synth, live electronics and electronically augmented drum-kit which uses a Networked Vibrotactile Improvisation System (NeVIS) to send cueing signals and allow novel communication between performers. The system was created by Hayes and Michalakos in 2011 to allow for private information to be transmitted over a local-network and perceived cutaneously (on the skin) of the performers, resulting in a tightly coupled improvisation. \’This duo thought and performed as one entity.” – SOUND Festival of New Music, October 2011.

Můstek is the ongoing collaboration between composer/improvisers Lauren Sarah Hayes (piano, analogue synthesisers, laptop) and Christos Michalakos (electronically augmented drum-kit). As PhD candidates in Creative Music Practice at the University of Edinburgh, their research explores methods of augmenting their given acoustic instruments whilst investigating strategies for real-time processing in conjunction with instrumental performance.  Můstek are practitioners of extended instrumental techniques and bespoke digital processing, and strive to achieve a mastery over their own individual approaches to augmented instrumental performance. 2011 has seen them perform together at NIME (Oslo), Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music (Belfast), Sound Scotland (Abderdeen), and Soundings (Edinburgh), and as solo artists at ICMC (Huddersfield), EMS-Network (New York) and BEAM Festival (London).