Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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The Loop

The Loop explores the possibilities of co-located performance, decentralised composition, and the acoustics of network. This performance begins with a brief improvisation presenting acoustic sources to excite the network.  This material is shared, transformed, and reintroduced into the composition.  This process continues through successive generations until a predetermined time or a point at which the composition naturally concludes. The result is an integrated meta-instrument and an emergent composition, with no one artist being the sole performer or composer. Remote participants are represented locally by a mono speaker enabling the audiences to hear the transformation of audio through the networked instrument.

Jason Dixon is an Irish composer currently based in Norwich where he is in the process of completing his PhD in composition. His work explores issues of language, perception and memory in music. More recently he has been focusing on the Irish storytelling tradition and its place in contemporary Ireland.

Tom Davis is a digital artist working mainly in the medium of sound installation. His practice and theory based output involves the creation of technology led environments for interaction. Davis is currently a lecturer at the University of Bournemouth and holds a PhD from the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast.

Alain B. Renaud: Alain’s research focuses on networked music performance systems with an emphasis on the creation of strategies to interact over a network musically and the notion of shared networked acoustic spaces. He is a lecturer in at Bournemouth University, England and holds a PhD from the Sonic Arts Research Centre.