Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Translocal Rundfunk Orchestra

The “Translocal Rundfunk Orchestra” (the radiophonic orchestra) is an ensemble for manipulated radios, played over a wireless computer network. The fusion of analog and digital layers forms an extraordinary sound-art-perfomance, which ist reflecting about the radio as an anachronistic medium in the digital age: the radio program becomes an instrument rather: its electronic reclaims the sound-generating Domain.
The Ensemble was founded in Duesseldorf, Germany, 2009. It originally consisted of five Players and started with all improvised lab-like sound performances. Over time the setup has varied but the radio as the central instrument continues.

For the Network Festival in Birmingham Mr. Monodread and Lukemodular take on the British Air waves to search for & extract special island vibes to fresh up their continental listening experience. In Cagean Manner the On-Air Radio Programme will compete with the electronic Bent sounds to form a new Collage of Long, Medium and Short Wave Noise & Music. The Performance consists of three Parts: I) INTERFERENCES II) TUNING III) STRUGGLE FOR CONTROL.

All Visitors who want to participate with their old transistor radio device are welcome to bring it along and join in!

Operateur de Radio Maurice (Maurice Braun) // Place of Birth: Simmerath(GER) // First Music Instrument: One Tone Synth // Favourite Food: Lead // Favourite Noise: WhiteNoise

Radio Operator Mr.Monodread (Jonas Hummel) // Place of Birth: Stuttgart(GER) // First Musical Instrument: the 104 QWERTZ keyboard // Favourite Food: 50k Potentiometers // Favourite Noise: Condenser Chirps

Funker Luke (Lukas Truniger) // Place of Birth: Zurich(CH) // First Musical Instrument: a hacked recorder flute // Favourite Food: reflow solder fondue // Favourite Noise: the hissing of the LF-band

Il Marconista Hannes (Hannes Hoelzl) // Place of Birth: Bozen(I/A) // Favourite Food: Antenna Salad // Favourite Noise: Crackles

The Ensemble was founded in 2009 and has performed on several occasions since (Duesseldorf, Berlin, Paris, Cologne). In a 3 month artist residency in Paris early 2011 Jonas Hummel developped a ‘One Player Version’ for Solo Performances with two or more radios and one or more Laptop Computers in a network which he called ‘Mr. Monodread & the League of Automatic Radios’.