Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Games Arcade is a networked sonic art piece, that aims to explore and integrate a remote aural space into a specific performance framework . In this piece, a remote performer broadcasts ( using mobile technology) different sonic events that are characteristic of an arcade. This transmission, forms part of a larger framework, that establishes a dynamic improvisational scenario (plot of events), between this location and the concert hall; where each element of a laptop trio is assigned a function, according to spatialization, sampling and filtering of the live source material.

Pedro Rebelo is a composer/digital artist and performer working in electroacoustic music, improvisation, digital media and installation. He is currently the director of Research at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast.  Eduardo Patricio is a Brazilian composer-performer. He is currently undertaking research at SARC in electroacoustic composition, focusing on its relationship to musical formalisms x improvisation, narrative and chronotopic arrangements.  Diogo Alvim is a portuguese composer and PhD student at Sarc. His research explores the connections between music and architecture. Rui Chaves is a Portuguese sound artist/performer, currently conducting Phd research at SARC/Belfast. His focus, is in the intersection between mobile technology and site-specificity.