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Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Worm songs (2011) by Henry Vega

Anat Spiegel – voice, Henry Vega – computer, Emmanuel Flores – visuals

The Wormsongs is a collection of vocal pieces written by Henry Vega where he creates a digital language to cover the spectrum between noise and pure sine. Using this sound world, the music is written in block gestures that can be described as micro-minimal with a passion towards machine-kind. The theme of these songs take the tone of acidic sermons that speak ironically of the ‘extropic delights’ of man as he continues to expand throughout the universe in all its imperfections both moral and physical. The songs are stripped down from the idea of lyrical lines, replacing them with automatic instruments triggered to match an equally automatic vocal part. Each score in the Wormsongs is motivated in part by social evolution.

Henry Vega, born in New York City (1973), is an active composer and performer of new music whose works appear in productions of theatre, dance and concert music that focus solely on modern artistic trends. His music ranges from virtuosic instrumental writings to subtle colourful compositions. His current interests lie within theatrical settings of his music in combination with video in the space of a minimal aesthetic that crosses simple harmonies over noisy counterpoints.

His works have been performed at festivals and venues in Europe and the Americas while based in The Netherlands. Vega founded The Electronic Hammer trio, a group performing new and recent works for percussion and computers, and The Spycollective music, theatre and dance group.

Anat Spiegel (Israel, 1979) is an accomplished performer, teacher and composer dedicating her talent to the uprising order of cross- platform, interdisciplinary performance, combining and deconstructing the endless possibilities of theater, dance, film and music. Working in collaboration with director Sjaron Minailo and the Amsterdam based theater group “het verdriet van de zeedijk”, Anat composed and performed the music for the stage productions Gogol, Al Raraiz, Bat Lilith and War fair as well as the video opera Khadish. Anat’s works were shown in Israel, the Netherlands, the UK, Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria, Germany and Greece.

Emmanuel Flores Elías. Media designer and software artist based in the Netherlands. He studied music and film in Mexico and Sonology at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag(NL). His work is centered around the idea of exploring different types of cinematic experiences and the enhancement of new narrative forms which bridge technology, art and perception. His work has been presented on a wide range of formats: from audiovisual pieces for electronic music, opera, dance and live cinema sets, to the design of public installations and interactive applications for mobile devices.