Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Cellphonia // Scot Gresham-Lancaster & Steve Bull

As you participate in the festival use your cellphone to capture 4 sec snibbets of sound and music you are particularly interested in. Simply call +44 121 285 4826 (or (972) 696-7161 if you are in the USA) and hold you cellphone up to the sound or music you are intrigued by. Please try to record non-speech sounds, but no other rules. The “cellphonia” system will take each new call and add it to a slot in the dynamically shifting score. You can listen to this ever changing score, that will include yours and every other participants recordings at:

Scot Gresham-Lancaster is a composer, performer and instrument builder. Currently teaching Sound Design at ATEC UT Dallas, his recent work at IMéRA is a 2nd order sonification of data sets. With HUB he is an early pioneer of “computer network music” and cellphone operas and “co-located” international Internet performances.

Steve Bull is a mixed-media technology artist and entrepreneur whose practice includes extensive software engineering experience. For the last ten years he has created location-specific narratives and games that explore the social, technological, and creative possibilities of cell phones. Bull received grant to create Cellphonia from NYSCA in 2005.