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Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Playing the Weather System // Ian Baxter

Playing the Weather System is an algorithmic installation that takes live weather data from the BBC and uses the weather data to determine musical parameters such as pitch, scale, filtering and reverb.

The result is a gradually changing soundscape which satisfies my interest in designing musical systems that rely on a process not fully under my control as a composer. As the weather changes, so does the musical output. I become both the creator and the audience for the piece.

Ian Baxter is a sound artist currently studying for a PhD at the University of Sheffield. His primary interest is in the creation of slowly evolving soundscapes. This takes in aspects of traditional electro-acoustic composition and an interest in getting my hands dirty with electronics and computer programming. Ian often seek to compose in a way where the outcome is not necessarily foreseen (which is one definition of experimental music). This approach has seen him derive pieces from weather patterns and accounting statements and present his works through traditional methods (releases on CD and concerts) as well as in an installation context in galleries.