Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Small-world network is a telematic, cross-disciplinary performance of the Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk) in Montreal, CA and an acoustical ensembles Můstek and The Transcenders in Edinburgh, UK and California, USA, involving ca. 30 performers.

The piece – by CLOrk director Eldad Tsabary – utilizes multi-layered networks – a wide telematic network between the ensembles (and the venue) and a local network setup in each of the locations.

In mathematics, the term “small-world network” is used to describe a graph in which most nodes are not immediate neighbors, but can be reached from one another with small steps. Metaphorically, the “small-world” concept is meant to describe a musical homogeneity as an end-result in face of the multiple emerging contrasts (or dualities): acoustic and electroacoustic instruments, local and wide network connections, synchronized and latent musical elements, as well as the acoustic multiplicity, inherent in telematics.

The Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk) is made of 25 laptop performers and is characterized by large immersive sounds, a wide dynamic, timbral, and expressive range, solo performances, sound painting conduction, and network music (including synced beat-making and telematics). Můstek specializes in improvisation with mixed percussion, analog instruments, and digital instruments with haptic interfaces. The Transcenders are directed by Mark Dresser (UCSD) and Michael Dessen (UCI).

CLOrk (Montreal, CA) are: Perry Pilloy, Simon White, Marco Liy, Frankie Fiore, Keith Odell, Byron Edelmann, Alexis Dionne, Chris Gorman, David Fiorentino, Charles Bale, Michael Palumbo, Evan Stepanian, Joe Brown, Eldad Tsabary.

Můstek (Edinburgh, UK) are: Lauren Sarah Hayes and Christos Michalakos.

The Transcenders (UC San Diego, USA) are: Elisabet Curbelo, Marcelo F. Lazcano, Joshua Charney, Mark Dresser, Michael Ricca, Yeung-ping Chen, Jon Forshee, Judith Hamann and (UC Irvine, USA) Jared Mattson, Jonathan Mattson, Martim Galvão, Juan David Rubio, Shih-wei Wu.