Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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John Wild and Thibault Autheman

All spaces have been overlaid with a complex communications infrastructure, including Wireless LANs, 3G and 4G smartphone cellular networks, bluetooth, GPS systems, RFID tags and other high-speed lines of communications. “(Meta Space)/(a+b)3” brings together the algorithmic composer Thibault Autheman with the performance artist John wild to produce a live composition that improvises with the particular invisible geographies of wireless communications within the concert space. Each venues or space contains a unique space of indetermination. Therefore each performance is a unique interaction with the invisible geographies of communications networks within the space.

John Wild is an artist, anarchitect, and psychogeographical explorer of dataspace. He studied sculpture at the Royal College of Art (MA) and received a 1st class degree from Chelsea College of Art. John’s work has been exhibited at Late at the Tate (Tate Britain), the Sonic Arts Expo, Arnolfini (Bristol) and the Royal College of Art. John is currently a phd student within the Media and Arts Technology Programme at QMUL and produces, with Tim Goldie, Abject Bloc a weekly Resonance 104.4 FM radio show.

Thibault Autheman is currently researching emergent phenomena in chaotic systems using Generative Art as a tool for exploration. Using algorithmic writing and improvisation most of the piece have an ephemeral and unique existence during their execution. Self regulated machine playing guitar, a writing algorithm speaking of the Future on Twitter and numerous other algorithms are present in his sound and art practice.