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Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Mico Rex

Streaming in directly from Mexico for a special telematic performance:

Mico Rex is an experimental electro-pop mexican duo founded in 2010 by Ernesto Romero and Jorge Ramírez, pionners in live programming in Mexico.

Described as sticky, melodic and danceable, within a kaleidoscope of styles such as 8bits/glitch, oldschool/electro, romantic style,punk, geek, breakz, fresh, bolero, vocal, finura, 80’s from the future!!!

The live performance is a combination of structured pieces and improvisation with code accompanied with voice and home-made controllers in pain.

The sound design, structure and composition are made upon programming code for hardware and software developed by the group members themselves. They consider code as the most flexible media for live electronics performance.

Mico Rex did his Piña-Collider 2012 tour across Zürich, Nantes and Barcelona closing the SuperCollider Symposium in London giving a concert with their RicoMex record material released in ChordPunch label.

Some of their shows had taken place in events such as ¨SONOM:Sound International Festival in Monterrey¨ and ¨OFF-Transitio¨ parallel to ¨Transitio_MX 04 Electronic Art and Video Festival¨ in CENART Multimedia Center, Volta and festival Tlacoloni.