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Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Play the Moment

Play the Moment was first formed in the year 2000 as an improvising multi-disciplinary ensemble that is formed for a specific project. This incarnation is an all female ensemble including artists from Canada and the USA performing excavating desire/fouilles pour le désire. This is a bilingual work in four movements first performed as part of the 121212 Festival of Cyber-performance streamed from New Zealand.

Play the Moment are: Jude Abrams, Christina deRoos, Victoria Gibson, Sonia Paço-Rocchia.

Victoria Gibson developed the work excavating desire to explore the idea of what makes each of us unique individuals. Her theory is that desire, not only sexual desire, but the interest or desire to pursue one activity instead of another, is at the core of our identity. Ms. Gibson developed the movement titles and concepts, (the French language translation is by Sonia Paço-Rocchia), as guidelines intended to identify and release the suppressed desires we hold. The idea is that each one of us can reach the final movement: Flowering of Passion/La floraison de la passion, to express our identity as an individual.

Victoria Gibson is an Integrated Media Artist blending sound + light + motion to create amazing art experiences. Creating magic using advanced techniques to spark curiosity and involve audiences with interactive gesture controls. She makes complex and experimental works that emerge from the nexus of art and technology, but remain accessible and fun.

excavating desire

In four movements:

1. On the Surface

Exploring constraints imposed on female desire by society and ourselves

2. Digging Deep

Recognizing our wants and needs

3. Gathering Courage

Risking societal censure, economic loss or emotional pain requires resolve and strength

4. Flowering of Passion

Acceptance and expression of our own inner identity