Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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The Soundlings Collective

The Soundlings Collective is a growing circle of international creatives who work with sound. Amongst the members you will find artists, researchers, engineers, producers, software developers, composers, performers and designers.

Soundlings aim is to stimulate collaboration, encourage experimentation and generate experience. To do so, they undertake proposed projects or initiate them themselves. They put together a team covering a variety of sonic perspectives to deliver works with genuine expression.

Soundling will perform _waveFronts, in which the performers of Soundlings traverse direct and mediated transmission of musical thought. Several performers or ensembles in different countries will connect through internet streaming, interacting with each other and their audience, live and propagated through the digital domain. Each performer or ensemble also bridges different media itself by connecting acoustic and electronic instruments in the improvisation.

_waveFronts highlights the contrast between close and far states of embodiment, the feeling of self and other. In each place, the resulting performances are different. In each place, an audience will be invited to partake in the experience.