Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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xname is a multimedia artist born in Milan and currently based in London. Her sound performances are developed through the use of artificial lights and home-made micro-oscillators which generate sound waves. The light, transformed in electric current, passes through the circuit and exits in the shape of a sonic frequency, while the sound, modulated by manipulating the light sources, becomes tactile and synesthetic. The result is an hypnotic spectacle dominated by stroboscopy and industrial and noise-techno frequencies. Recently she has been experimenting with the effects of  network lag and time delay on amplified sounds that, streamed to different  servers, feed back to the speakers after travelling through the Internet.

What happens when the sound of a room travels through the Internet? xname’s performance at NMF – ‘Tempus Fugit’  investigates the effect of time lag and delay of the sound of a room sent on different servers and replayed on a local machine and on the metamorphosis that these changes in substance imply.

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