Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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take 4The Network festival will see the first performance from the exiting new project, They will be performing using SuperCollider and David Ogborn’s new networking software, extramuros. One performer will be in Birmingham, whilst the other will be in Berlin. The performers will write/share, manipulate and possibly crash each others code live. Working on a shared server, will create livecoded electronic music for the dancefloor. formed amongst the minimal rhythms and deep bass in a small, sweaty nightclub down a backstreet of Berlin with the aim to recreate the feel and flow of long DJ sets. Instead of turntables and vinyl, the performers use laptops and code. are composer and livecoder Alexandra Cardenas and livecoder, multi-instrumentalist and all round dance floor shaker Ash Sagar.  Using networked machines and livecoding techniques the pair create foundation shaking, ephemeral and temporal cosmic music. are ready to take you to outer space.