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Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Cybernetic Orchestra

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At the 2014 Network Music Festival, the Cybernetic Orchestra will perform an 8-channel JITLib roulette, code-cast to Birmingham from the McMaster campus in Hamilton via the extramuros software.

Cybernetic Orchestra

The Cybernetic Orchestra is a large, participatory ensemble focused on live coding and network music, based at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada.  Formed in early 2010 by David Ogborn, the group has always operated on an open basis, inviting and welcoming new members from diverse backgrounds at every opportunity.  At the time of writing, the performance practice of the Cybernetic Orchestra involves the use of SuperCollider, JITLib and the EspGrid sharing and synchronization software.  Members and alumni of the Cybernetic Orchestra organized the first Canadian algoraves, have launched solo and small ensemble live coding acts, and have recently been active in the promotion of the 8×8 concert format (8 live coding soloists + 8 channel sound system + approx. 8 minutes each)