Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Graphic Ships

Graphic Ships – Jesse Ricke and Lisa Lee

Graphic Ships is a live audio/visual event, built from interactions between audience and performers. Sound artists and musicians perform from an ever changing graphic score generated by data from the performance environment.
Remote artists participate via telecommunication technology, the graphic score serving to connect them with the venue over global distances. The interactive visuals become a vehicle, a means to transport creativity between individuals.
For the Network Music Festival performance, local artists will be joined by artists in New York and various sites in France. The score will be controlled by brave members of the festival audience and an experienced remote user who will guide beginners through the score’s interactions.
by Jesse Ricke and Lisa Lee
Guest Artists:
Scott Wollschleger
John King
André Darius
Alex Cutteridge

Jesse Ricke and Lisa Lee

Graphic Ships is a collaboration between Jesse Ricke and Lisa Lee. They have been working together since 2010 when they met in a MAX/MSP course in Grad School. Jesse Ricke is a media artist with experience in live production, interactive installations, and performance. Lisa Lee is a UX/UI and interaction designer living in Brooklyn, New York. She has experience in various platforms, including websites, custom software, mobile applications, physical interfaces, and live performances.