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Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Self-absorption is work in progress live performance piece conceived by Alessandra Leone and Alexandros Drymonitis, based on graphics and audio responsive feedback systems, behaviours,and their effects upon each other.

Self-absorption is the process in which some of the radiation emitted by a material is absorbed by the material itself. Exponential absorption both in the surrounding and in the source.

Starting from two basic a/v analog feedbacks where recursion occurs , we add a digital thread of interaction between the two, perturbing the process and seeding it to generate growth.

The performance curve drawn by the collaboration of these “ad infinitum” two-dimensional automata acting around and being generated by the two attractors, is exponential and follows its path until it reaches saturation

A space-time simulator.

Time driven transformations of the state into its new self by iterated mappings.

Alessandra Leone is a video artist producing  live visuals, motion graphics, animation and generative art.

Highly fascinated by perception, consciousness and reality, uses abstraction to represent their complexity and draws at the intersection of Art and Science connections between sight, sound, vibrations and physical reality, with images culled from the fantastical realm of imagination, translated into highly contrasted pulses and cuts to reach and hit the visual cortex.

In 2012 founded together with Akkamiau and Hen Lovely Bird the StratoFyzika performance collective, that creates audio/visual/movement interactive performances using wireless arduino-based sensors for quantification of temporal variations in motion and gesture.

Alexandros Drymonitis is a musician active in the field of noise art, using oscillators and feedback as his main source to create sound. His performances are always improvisatory and his main concern is form.

As a member of the collective Medea Electronique, he is a main organiser of the ‘Electric Nights’ festival, a 27 hour long festival on experimental electronic music.

He has performed in various festivals in Greece, including ‘Low Resistance’, ‘Sparkling Sound’, ‘Implode’ and others, plus festivals abroad, ‘Black & White’ a/v festival, Linux Audio Conference 2013.