Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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αℓõm // Fisiología de los Líquidos Laberínticos

One of the old words of truth from a place called Quiché. It is an attribute of the maker and creator who’s single word was enough to create things. Alom is actually the same force of his omnipotent emanation, the very germ of the word of God, which isn’t possible to explain, because we cannot understand it.

A live coding set from scratch using tidal cycles for the creation of dance music in real-time. An inner journey through poetry towards the nature of the nocturnal, to share the reunion with the beginning of nothingness, nothing that awakens desire and opens reason for love song.

Gabriel Guzmán was born in Mexico City, and is currently studying a degree in Music and Artistic Technology at ENES, Unit Morelia. His first approaches to music were on the instrumental side, learning to play guitar in private lessons. He continued to learn guitar and began to explore the piano and voice. At the age of 16 he began to formally study the piano, harmony, singing and composition with Prof. Ricardo Trillanes. He took music production courses and then entered a degree in Classical Composition at the Florence Academy of Art, at Mexico’s City. Along with studying classical composition, he was studying synthesis from a modular approach with Quincas Moreira. As a musician he has gone from the instrumental side to the composition with improvisation in it’s core. He moves as such in different musical fields like algorithmic composition for audiovisual media, installations, performance, live coding and electronic dance music.