Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Atsushi Tadokoro // Danceable Polymeter

In this performance, Tadokoro expresses danceable polymeter rhythms through live coding. Dance music tends to use rhythmic strucutres which can be divided by 4 (4, 8, 16 beats, etc). These rhythms are easy to recognize the groove and easy to dance to. But sometimes it becomes boring. Polyrhythm is one solution for making a complex groove. Another approach is polymeter – different voices/instruments that play different meters that desynchronize themselves. In this performance, lot of kinds of polymeters are used. The performer changes the meters in real-time by live coding. It makes very unique grooves and harmonies.

Atsushi Tadokoro is a creative coder. Currently teaching as an associate professor at Maebashi Institute of Technology, and as a part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of the Arts and Keio University in Japan. Tadokoro makes music works with sound synthesis and algorithms and performs improvisation with sounds and moving-images with his laptop. His lectures about “creative coding” and “Live Coding” for openFrameworks, Processing, Sonic Pi and TidalCycles, etc. are online to be practically used for students and creators.