Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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This performance uses a hybrid technological approach to the use of field recording and experimental music collage, with Camposonico, an online tool hosted at This tool facilitates the querying and superposition of field recordings taken from the archive and Camposonico’s own growing experimental music archive. The performance proposes a view of sound and music as multidimensional entity that has the capacity to fuse disparate times and spaces. Through collage, the interrelationship between nature and human sound production is brought forth. and the use the archives as a mean of cooperative creative production (that extends beyond human creativity), puts the assumed importance of authorship in the creative act into question.

Diego Villaseñor (Vid Eco) is a composer, improviser, philosopher and programmer. His work focuses on the exploration of the possibilities of modular composition, the interaction of heterogeneous entities and the creation, exploration and intervention of open systems. Alongside Alejandro Franco Briones he is the coauthor of Nan-in-a-Can, a SuperCollider library for the creation of temporal canons, which is inspired by and develops the pioneering work of Conlon Nancarrow. He is also a member of the free improvisation collective Ruido 13, from Mexico City, with whom he has worked on concepts such as, the deconstruction of the musical instrument, leading sound synthesis with acoustic instruments/objects, or various forms of rhythmic texturing, ranging from rhythms derived from noise to complex polytempos. As part of Ruido 13 he also collaborates with activist-art collective Arte a 360 Grados, on the ongoing project “La Lengua del Diablo” which challenges the neglect of the Nahuatl language of central Mexico through sonic interventions in public and private spaces, workshops, concerts, recorded music and exhibitions.