Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Codenobi and Wookie // Escape from New York

Shawn Lawson (visuals: GLSL and Python for a custom Touchdesigner patch) is an artist researching the computational sublime. He performs under the pseudonym Obi-Wan Codenobi.

Ryan Ross Smith (audio: TidalCycles) is a composer, performer, sound designer, engineer and educator performing under the pseudonym The Wookie.

Together they use the open source software, The Dark Side, to collaboratively live-code audiovisual algoraves. They use a collaborative text buffer using the Jensaarai package for the Atom editor to perform.

They have performed fully physically, or partially virtually in England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, Canada, and entirely virtually in various online algorave events. They have published their work and creative process in conferences and the Journal of Electronic Dance Music and Culture.