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Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Electroacoustical Poetical Society // Olivier’s Birds

Olivier’s Birds is a semi-improvisational hommage to Messiaen centered on bird recordings and Messiaen chord structures.

The project weaves voice, instrumental and digital elements to create a composition that is structured and spontaneous all at once. Field recordings, midi elements and improvisation tinted with unlimited transpositions pay homage to Olivier Messiaen’s transfigured colors. A kind of hörspiel in free form, the piece oscillates between radio art, acousmatics and contemporary music, stimulating the eardrums with lively and unexpected natural drama.

This performance is live, online using Zoom, with slideshow accompanying the distanced players.This project is an example of collaborative dramaturgy, with semi-improvisational elements.

Marjorie Van Halteren refers to her work as electroacoustic poetry – residing between music and spoken word, and delving ing deeply into both. It involves improvisation, prepared in advance. Collaboration is an important element, and often over distances.

The creative variety of the ensemble springs from the diversity of their individual backgrounds and cultures – theatre and radio, classical and experimental music, dance and prepared objects – and improvisers all, brought together by a keen, common interest in electronics, spontaneous melodies, and sound experimentation, as well as an active interest in each other’s spoken languages.

This work is performed by Marjorie Van Halteren, France/USA (keyboard, samples and voice); Rosa Parlato, France/Italy (flutes, objects and voice); and Jean-Yves Gratius, France (cello, electronics and objects).