Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Electrowar // Flux

Flux is an immersive networked live coding performance using Autopia, a novel artificial intelligence system for live coding collaboration created by Norah Lorway, Arthur Wilson et al in 2019. Autopia is a bot that participates in collaborative live coding performances in the same way as a human performer. It will perform with the group by learning their patterns and techniques. Network collaboration will be via the Extramuros live coding interface.

The performance will feature live coded techno and dark drone.

Dr Norah Lorway and Arthur Wilson are a networked live coding duo based in London and Falmouth, UK. Working with AI technologies, they collaboratively make dance music exclusively via a network. Norah is a lecturer at Falmouth University and Arthur is a masters student in the Information Experience Design program at Royal College of Art.

They have performed at algoraves together as Electrowar internationally since 2012.