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Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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EleKtroPeT the Glitcher

// EN

This performance uses Hydra in a visual live coding collaboration from a distance. The work expresses the electromagnetic force of light and the spiritual, through the practice of live code cinema, creating visual synthesis, deconstructing film sequences, both reactable to sound, that demonstrate error as a creative and evolutionary possibility. Create pixelic resonance patterns that expand together with the sound, displacing the vibratory energy balance.

EleKtroPeT the Glitcher is a collaborative merger with one or more other artists in live sound coding, that jointly explores the possibilities in the (dis)appearance of the image, in the subversion of the accident, forming new phrases in these quarantined days.

// ES

Empleando hydra live coding, realizar una colaboración de live coding visual a la distancia, expresar la fuerza electromagnética la luz y lo espiritual, mediante la práctica del live code cinema, crear síntesis visual, deconstruir secuencias cinematográficas, ambas reactables al sonido, que evidencien el error como posibilidad creativa y evolutiva. Crear patrones de resonancia pixelica que se expanden en conjunto a lo sonoro, dislocando el balance energético vibratorio.

EleKtroPeT the Glitcher se propone como una fusión colaborativa con otro u otros artistas del live coding sonoro, para conformar una propuesta, que explore en conjunto las posibilidades en la (des)aparición de la imagen, en la subversión del accidente, conformando nuevos sintagmas en días de cuarentena.

EleKtroPeT the Glitcher is a visual oroducer in Hypermedia as sound art, expanding photography: live cinema, live coding cinema, video art, video installation, manipulation of live video, analog-electronic-digital media, video and sound live performance.

He has participated in different national and international meetings of live cinema, sound art and video art: IV Biennial of Plastic Arts Deputación de Ourense, 2016. He presented his piece “Hyper Boreal Noise” Live Cinema at the International Meeting of Live Arts at MACO Oaxaca. International Meeting of Sound Art and Audiovisual Exploration participated. FAD UNAM International Festival Beyond Borders. Along with LMMMM in Peru, in the UNAM Festival Black and White Dark Festival, Mexico-Germany and in the Viva Glam Mexico Festival, sharing the stage with Alec Empire of Atari Teenage Riot 2017 and 2018, artistic residence in Huayaquil and Quito Ecuador on sound art, video art and live cinema.

In 2018 and 2019 he develops two curatorships and exhibitions in the Quito Ecuador cd. He is currently a teacher at the FAD UNAM