Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Floop Jam

In Floop Jam, three online performers explore and play samples from the Freesound database, previously analyzed for their tempo. The samples are organized in a 2D display forming a network of acoustic similarity. The performers continuously listen to sounds trying to find the most appropriate for the current context. The authorship of the music thus spreads among the loop jockeys and all the users who uploaded sounds to the database using Creative Commons licenses.

Floop is an online jamming system based on the Freesound online database. It was first presented at the first Web Audio Conference in 2015. The system allows browsing hundreds of loops with the same tempo, so that the exploration becomes a musical activity. In 2020 a multi-user capability was added which allows its use for collective jamming. In this occasion, the performance is driven by António Ramires, Frederic Font and Gerard Roma.

(Image credit: Alessia Milo)