Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Gerard Roma // Map Mop

In Map Mop, the performer explores a corpus of sounds using a multi-touch interface. The visualization of the corpus, and the performer’s actions in the interface are magnified and projected. The corpus is based on recordings of circuit-bent devices and hardware hacks. The structure of the piece is improvised as an exploration of the affordances of the corpus for direct manipulation and sequencing. The instrument is very reactive, which leads to exploring gestures in different areas of the map. A data visualization algorithm based on acoustic features has been used to locate different types of sounds in different parts of the map. The gesture-based sequencing leads to experimentation with layers of somewhat repeated but unpredictable sequences, in line with the spirit of the recorded sounds.

Gerard Roma is a musician and music technology researcher from Barcelona. He performs and releases electronic music under different project names. In the late 2000s he became interested in network music and web audio while working within the Freesound project. He has since developed several online music creation environments and audience-centric music performances using web technologies.