Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Hernani Villaseñor // STX

A sound piece and a live coding mini-language called STX is will be designed and performed in the Sema platform during NMF. This piece takes advantage of the new web browser live coding platforms to perform through the network via streaming and in a web browser itself. STX comes from the contraction wordplay “sonido texto” (sound text). The idea is to explore mnemonics as idiosyncratic approach to design a live coding language. The use of mnemonics is a way to remember functions or parts of a programming language, usually in assembly low-level. Mnemonics are short and sometimes cryptic or not easy to understand, but for a live coding language they could fit well because tend to be non-verbose. On the other hand, mnemonics could be a personal way to remember names as well as a form of expression. The inspirations for the piece are the assembly language code aesthetics, the esoteric languages and the Dada poetry.

Hernani Villaseñor is a Mexican musician interested in sound, code and improvisation. He is currently doing a PhD at the Music Graduate Program of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. As a musician he performs and improvises computer music with source code in a range from techno to experimental sound. He has collaborated with different artists in the field of cinema, experimental video, photography and installation and is a member of the laptop band LiveCodeNet Ensamble. His has performed in many venues and participated in diverse conferences in countries of America, Europe and the Cyberspace. As an organizer he has co-organized three international symposiums dedicated to music and code called /vivo/ in Centro Multimedia CENART, Mexico.