Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Kaon’CPT // Perripplayear

Perripplayear is a musical immersive comprovisation for remotely comprovising musicians and any instrumentation in a virtual 3D world.

The performance explores distance, symbiosis, lack, virtual choreography, simultaneous instants, drifting clocks & musical texture. Social tropism leads the performers to where the light can shine in the forest of telepresence software. Unfolded in three different time layers, the audience is invited into a virtual world where they are copresent as avatars with the Kaon’CPT & friends.

Comprovisators are facing the challenge of travelling along several time layers. The first layer uses a low latency streaming software, offering tempo synchronization and enabling mutual listening. The performers follow a score that includes improvisation, sonic experimentation, avatar choreography. The second layer is the result of audiovisual feeds of live content streamed to several live diffusion platforms (, Finally, the virtual world itself is the place where audiences can contribute to the soundscape through interacting with the Kaon’CPT, chatting with others, viewing the audiovisual feeds and experiencing the shifting spatializations offered by navigation from location to location.

This will take place in a virtual world at and will be streamed on our live site.

The Kaon’CPTs is an ephemeral band dedicated to flip along several time realities. Undecided, their action oscillates, alternates from physical to virtual, hesitates between now, before and later. Previous activities include synchronized network music, implementing timecode-based behaviours and listening to buffer underflows in interactive cyberworlds. Actually, nothing periodically unusual can affect Kaon’CPT’s conservation of entropy.

The core members, mostly research crew members of [SAT]Metalab, have been making music together on previous occasions, including collaborations with scientists (The Melatab, at Network Music Festival in 2013) and unmanaged kids (Gaping Fools, since 2007 in garages, caves and living-rooms).

Kaon’CPT members are Michal Seta (concept/charge conjugation), Nicolas Bouillot (concept/time reversal), Bennett Smith (dispersion), Emmanuel Durand (graphical memory), Nina Ripoll (action) and Zack Settel (entropy). Other friends have been determined in a near future, including Stuart McLeod, Hiroya Miura.