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Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Le Bureau Polyphonique Moderne // Imaginary Soundtrack

Since the covid-19 crisis and the lockdown that followed here in Belgium, we have launched a performance series called Covideojam – Imaginary Soundtracks. These live Internet music jams are currently streamed on Youtube. Every two weeks we improvise on a film in the public domain (available on The images are contributing to guiding and inspiring our music. During the covideojams the five musicians juggle with all sorts of beings : samplers, guitars, keyboards. The particular delay and connection problems we experience due of the virtual setup also influence the music.

In order to be able to play from our own homes, we are synced with a 16 measures delay. Each musician experiences a slightly different version of the music, and yet we manage to meet and create a common soundscape. The broadcasted version is only one version of the music (heard by the musician streaming the jam together with the film). This setup makes every performance a unique creative entanglement that we are glad to extend overseas.

Le Bureau Polyphonique Moderne (BPM) is a music collective from Brussels, Belgium. BPM produces a hybrid, progressive music, at the crossroads between electronics and acoustics, jazz and ambient, sometimes leaning towards experimental. Coming from different musical backgrounds, we almost exclusively make improvised music using both electronic and acoustics instruments.

Le Bureau Polyphonique Moderne are: Cédric Detienne (drums, keyboards, guitar and vocals), Nicolas Spann (bass), Sébastien Monnoye (drums, synths), Giulietta Laki (vocals), Gaetan Saint-Remy (guitar).