Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Modality will remotely perform ambient psychedelic tracks for electric violin, guitar, keyboards, bass, electronics, and computer, accompanied by video synthesis performed by Bruns. Since 2015, the band have collaborated telematically, to co-compose and record tracks for three albums and remotely perform, streaming audio and video between Virginia and Montana.

Modality are Jay Bruns (electronics), Clark Grant (guitars), Charles Nichols (violin and bass), and Ben Weiss (keyboards). This Montana and Virginia based collective swims through oceans of sound, conjuring immersive, psychedelic, beautifully strange worlds, sonic excursions for fans of drone, ambient, krautrock, and contemporary music. Although they live in three cities, Missoula and Butte, Montana, and Blacksburg, Virginia, the four members continue to perform live and over the internet. In 2016, the band toured Montana, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Virginia, starting with a performance at the DAT Music Conference in Missoula and ending with a performance at the Cube Fest at Virginia Tech. Modality have co-composed and recorded four albums, Particle City, their debut, Under the Shadow of this Red Rock, a double LP, The Moruvians, a split with the band Lazertüth, and Megacycles, their latest album.