Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Pietro Bapthysthe

Pietro Bapthysthe will present a remote live coding session with a lot of real-time improvisation on generative music. As their technology stack, they use FoxDot, a Python live coding environment; Troop to remotely update the same code base; SuperCollider to synthesize the sounds.

Pietro Bapthysthe is a duo of live coding musicians from Brazil composed of Berin and Diego Dukão. Both of them are exploring creative coding for more than 2 years and have developed free software tools for sound and graphic artists. In 2019 they started to live code together to make generative performances using FoxDot, Troop, SuperCollider and Processing. They’ve organized and joined several algoraves in Brazil hosted during tech events such as PythonBrasil and João Pessoa’s CriptoFesta. They are also the organizers of Algowave’s party, in Recife, Brazil, with the goal to promote spaces for new artists who are exploring sounds and technology. In 2020 they started to record and release a new 2-track EP per month with songs created using FoxDot.