Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Planète Concrète // Ad Hoc Sonic Routing

Through the gateway of the internet. Online, networking. Sensitively and pragmatically planète concrète developed an audio-virtual interface with free software -not only to constitute their collective identity but mainly to continue their sonic journey within the current condition of physical distancing. Remote support sessions to tweak the settings, sharing screens. We exist in another reality – streaming latency For playing together, different devices meet in auto-compression. Sound checking and buffering. They commit to the web real time clock. Channeling their energies within transceived frequencies. Cancelling each other out. Resonating. Sonifying medium materiality within the fragility of non-presence. Reduced sensorial input of collective energy urge them online to sharpen the togetherness in vibrations and ad hoc sonic routing. Electromagnetism inducing very low frequencies, enhancing neurological sparks of disembodiement, becoming sound.

For radio streaming we use an Icecast Server on an autonomous server. Input by a V2 , a micro-FM & streaming radio station developped by, activated by av-net.

Planète Concrète is an open universe staged by strange / loving creatures. Sonic Discoveries. Making new prostheses. Writing lyrics. Playing a new beat, trying a movement with giy instrument. Queering light sources, gestures, performance,are the visual elements of of this pink noise constellation. They bring improvisation, covering the active repertoire or a ready-made karaoke version, nothing can be expected when they convocate various previously starred characters: Kippenberger, Kaoss Flower, Ground Ivy3.0, Poubelle, Av-net, Vinkenhart, Polly Petrol, A.Z, gender funky fuck, Moon Virgo, So White,…. Perceive what you believe.