Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Santa Clara Laptop Orchestra (SCLOrk)// Genetically Modified Orchestra

Computer code and samples of household objects become the musical instruments in this live electronics improvisation. In the old days when everyone played in the same room, SCLOrk players would be connected through a local network and custom chat system through which we’d exchange conducting instructions and actual snippets of code in real time. In this way, sounds originating from one player could travel throughout the orchestra in unexpected ways. This first home-based social-distanced SCLOrk performance is an attempt to recreate that environment of sound and human connection. Household objects’ sounds are captured through a contact microphone, processed in SuperCollider, and streamed over the network using jacktrip. Credits: some of the code has been borrowed from Joo Won Park’s Toccata piece, which has been adapted and expanded for this performance. Thanks to Luke Nihlen for making our custom SCLOrkChat to now work over the internet!

Santa Clara Laptop Orchestra (SCLOrk) is an electronic ensemble of up to sixteen players dedicated to the creation and performance of live electronic music. Created in 2012 by Bruno Ruviaro and his students at Santa Clara University (California, USA), this interdisciplinary group explores the intersection of music composition, live performance, human/computer interaction, programming, and sound design, with emphasis on musical creativity. The ensemble has performed at numerous venues in the San Francisco Bay Area, including at Dolby Labs and at a Google I/O conference. SCLOrk players for this event: Aastha Chawla, Ed Howser, Josh Mitchell, Luke Nihlen, Bruno Ruviaro, and Tanya Sonker.