Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Global live coding ensemble SuperContinent will use the Estuary browser-based, collaborative live coding platform for an improvised, multi-lingual, live coding, audiovisual performance. The performance features sounds and images gathered by the ensemble members for this performance (and shared for posterity via our CC0 sample library), captured in locations as diverse as the locations from which we will perform.

SuperContinent is a global live coding ensemble (active since late 2018) that rehearses weekly in the Estuary browser-based, collaborative live coding platform. Members at the time of writing are, Celeste Betancur (Medellín, Colombia), Abhinay Khoparzi (Allahabad, India), Shelly Knotts (Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK), Melandri Laubscher (Cape Town, South Africa), Mynah Marie (Haifa, Israel), David Ogborn (Dundas, Canada), Chiho Oka (Tokyo, Japan), Jessica Rodriguez (Hamilton, Canada), and Eldad Tsabary (Montreal, Canada). Notable performances have included those at the International Conference on Live Coding, the 2020 EulerRoom Equinox global livestream, and various livecoding events organised by Toplap Japan and Algorave India.