Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Trust is a One Way Street (TOWS)

Trust is a One Way Street (TOWS): a latency-defying, telematic ensemble improvisation.

TOWS sets up musicians in a one-way trust chain, where each sends a live improvised audiovisual stream to the next musician in the chain, which (except for player #1) includes synced streams from previous players. Each improviser responds only to what they hear from previous players. The final stream includes all musicians synced together in a live improv.

The TOWS ensemble for this performance includes:

Amir Amiri (santur), a Tehran-born Montreal-based renowned composer and performer, who stretches santur’s sound and performance beyond the constraints of classical thought.

Mynah Marie (accordion and voice), a Montreal-born, Israel-based live-coder/singer/composer, who creates and improvises music across disciplines, genres, and cultures.

Eldad Tsabary (synth-bass), an Israel-born, Montreal-based electroacoustic composer/live-coder/professor whose work focuses on collective trans-disciplinary improvisation and telematics.