Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Veiled Borders

Veiled Borders is a quartet that plays with the physical relationships between acoustics, natural environments and electronic language through a variety of sound-collections, real-time performance and playful engagement. Each in their own space, this quartet invites listeners to connect their own physical world with the hybrid experience of virtual new worlds we envision together.

This quartet flirts with the gestural and physical relationships between the acoustic, natural environment and the electronic world. Through a variety of sound-collections, real-time performance, quadraphonic spatialization and playful engagement, they are interested in the edges of music and sound: where does the acoustic sound end and the electronics begin? What is the space between the acoustic and the electronic? How does our mutual sound, and the diffusion of it, generate a multi-sensorial experience of sound? In what ways does sound touch us? The connecting link between all members of this international quartet is the work by composer/humanitarian Pauline Oliveros and the philosophies and tools around Deep Listening®. All are composers, performers and improvisers using various kinds of software programs and interfaces such as flutes, bells, original recordings, hybrid sounds and other sources that unite listening with our physical experience of the performing and giving of sound.

Thomas Ciufo (electronics/sound design, various hand-held instruments) is a sound artist, improviser, and researcher working at the intersections of electroacoustic performance, interactive instrument design, and sonic art. International festival performances include Visiones Sonoras in Mexico City, the Enaction in Arts Conference in France + more.

John Godfrey (electronics/sound design, enhanced guitar) is a composer, a performer, and a promoter of contemporary art music, founder of experimental/improvisational groups such as Icebreaker, the Crash Ensemble and the Quiet Music Ensemble, and has been a lecturer at University College Cork since 1992.

Karen Power (electronics/field recordings) is a composer, sound artist and improvisor whose work is largely inspired by the natural world, and how we hear everyday sounds. Her work often blurs the distinction between sound and music.

Jane Rigler (flutes/electronics), flutist/composer/improviser is known internationally for her dexterity and unusual musical vocabulary. As Associate Professor of Music at the University of Colorado, she teaches flute, composition,improvisation, sound art, computer music and Deep Listening®.