Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Women in Space // Kitchen Space: Body, Smell, Sounds, Senses and Memories in Performance

Women have, during different times in history, developed a sense of being that is very close to domestic space, conditioning their existence sometimes on domestic work, from different points of view and different approaches, according to their race, social class and global situation.

However, with the sudden lockdown there is now more than ever before a sense of confinement, which is accompanied for some with the intrusion of the public into the private space – working from home.

In these conditions, time is passing in a different way, we have been accumulating different kinds of work and we need to find space to bring our public and personal aspects into the same space that was not previously prepared for this way of being.

How do we find new ways to exist in our private spaces, through tapping, touching, banging, baking, smelling, throwing and moving differently?

Using an iterative graphic score the performers will begin to develop a composition. The score will be passed around and further developed, shaped by our unique situations and positions on the globe. We have worked this way in the past, but through the occupation of the same locale. For this work we address the difficulties of connecting with people from afar, with different technological capabilities, net and tech access. We explore the different ways in which technological access and capabilities are shaped by gender, race and class. We will play with lag, glitch, pixelation, dropped lines, disconnections and interruptions.

Isabel Nogueira is a Brazilian composer-performer and researcher. She is a full professor at the Music Department of Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil), and is a music researcher by Brazilian Council of Research. She coordinates the Sonic Research Group in Gender, Body and Music at her university.

Sophia Lycouris is an artist based in the UK. She works with movement/dance, choreography, improvisation, performance and new tech­nologies since the late 90s. Her work involves processes of “listening” to spaces and designing subtle movement interventions which trigger affective transformations. Most recently she has almost exclusively focused on site specific projects in local community contexts.

Linda O Keeffe is a sound and performance artist whose work explores the body and society as a site specific place. Her most recent project was an examination of the impact of renewable technologies and their soundscapes on rural communities in different parts of the world. O Keeffe has exhibited and performed in the US, Latin America, Asia and Europe.