Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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You’re Not the Only Particle in Universe

You’re Not the Only Particle in Universe is a multimedia performance that tells a story about finding paths and connections in a fictional world. The performance uses multiple home lamps as performing instruments to generate music in real time.

This project is intended to transform daily objects into musical instruments. The project explores the use of interactive light as a storytelling device and light as an interactive prop in performance.

Light can express emotion. What if we see light beyond its utilitarian function and allow light to become a performer on stage? In this performance, lights respond to performer’s action to create live music and a special type of light choreography.

Mingna Li is a multimedia artist, technologist, and performer. She is best known for her interactive music performances with home lamps. She uses multiple household lamps as a music interface. She is interested in exploring light as a performing instrument, light as a storytelling device, and light as an interactive stage prop.

Mingna premiered her interactive music performance, In a Box, at The Paper Box in Brooklyn in 2019. Her augmented reality documentary installation was selected at NY Media Lab Summit in 2018. Her interactive dance and projection work, The Invitation, has been performed at The Center for Ballet and Arts in 2019.