Network Music Festival

Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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Our Open Call is in progress. We’ve had some questions about it, which are answered here. If you have a question not answered here, please leave a comment or get in touch!


What is network music?

Anything using network technology! So all the techy stuff, plus anything browser based, plus anything collaborating with remote players plus things that engage with networks on a conceptual level.

What’s the difference between “project description” and “programme note”? 

project description: describe whatever technical, aesthetic, musical details necessary to explain your work and what’s interesting/unique/exciting about it to a reviewer.

programme note: a short text that we can put on our website to describe the work to festival audiences.

These could be the same text if that seems appropriate. The word counts are max words, so if you don’t need that many words to describe your work that’s fine too.


Can I lead a workshop that culminates in a concert?

Yes, this is a great idea. Submit it as a workshop and be clear about your intentions in the learning outcomes.

Can I give a series of workshops that span more than one session?

Absolutely! Make sure and mention that in your proposal.

I want my workshop(s) to happen before the festival starts. Is that ok?

Yes, but be sure to mention how far ahead and why you want this.

I’ve never given an online workshop before. Will there be help available?

We will offer optional training for anyone who gives a workshop. More details on this will be forthcoming.

Do I have to deliver my workshop in English? 

We are a global festival and are keen to support workshops delivered in other languages. We’re investigating subtitling in order to reach as wide an audience as possible.


What goes under the other category? For example, what about my amazing idea that’s not really a concert or a workshop?

Every festival we get amazing and hard to categorise submissions, which we love to programme. If you’re wonder if your idea is an other, it probably is. Please submit it!

Oh no, I think I’ve submitted my idea under the wrong category! What do I do?

Never fear. However, if you’re worried about it, please just send us an email:


Can I submit a late proposal?

Alas, once the call is closed, it’s closed. However, right now, it’s still open, so do it now!

Is the deadline going to be extended?

Probably not. We have had to extend the deadline due to a technical glitch with the submission forms. The new deadline is: 11th May 2020 23:59(UTC-12). Please get your ideas in now!

Artist Fees

Will I get paid for my performance/workshop? 

The Network Music Festival this year is running on a principle of mutual aid. We have funding to cover all of our core expenses, so all income above those expenses will be distributed to artists. We’re not selling tickets and all events will be free-to-view because audience incomes are also effected by the coronavirus crisis, but we are allowing people to pay what they can via donation links.

Each concert/workshop will have a dedicated donation link with all proceed split between the artists in that concert/workshop leaders. We also have a generic donation link on the website and all funds raised through this link will also go directly to artists. We will also happily promote your bandcamp/patreon/ko-fi links on the NMF website and during your performance.

If lack of specific artist fees is a barrier to you taking part please get in touch and we will discuss this with you.

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