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Sound without Borders // 15-18th July 2020

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#PingPongsSession // Kofi Oduro & Mohamed Tarqui Jalloh

Saturday 18th July 2020 1400-1600 (GMT+1)

In this global village, distance is but a myth as a barrier on creative expansion. Through social media tools, creatives globally can continue to create.

Kofi Oduro(Illest Preacha), is a creative who uses coding to visualize his creativeness through through poetry and abstract elements of shapes, colors and inanimate objects. Mohamed Tarqui Jalloh (Ramblin Intellect), is a creative who uses the ink of his pen (or rather the keys on his keyboard) to create poetic pieces on everything from the mundane to the prominent.

Kofi resides in Canada and Mohamed resides in Sierra Leone. Together, these two creatives have coordinated and showcased thier joint creativeness through a simple exercise called #pingpongsessions. Just like the ping pong ball that bounces from one pad to another, this exercise is used to bounce of ideas, inspire each other and polish collaborative efforts.

In the workshop, we will show how this has led to some of our collaboration pieces in both musical, performative and literary arts come about by using the #pingpongsessions. By using tools such as Whatsapp, Hydra, Youtube and Zoom to name a few, we have and are using the network systems around us to enhance our collaborative efforts and produce content. Participants will see how improvised writing and coding can lead to various outcomes, musically, as well as, how to use network elements to your advantage, when writing or producing work.

Level: beginner

15 max. participants

Learning outcomes:

  • Using Networked Tools to engage in music making/songwriting/poetry
  • Show the link between visuals and coding in conjunction to writing
  • Explore the meanings and symbols that occur around us
  • Navigate your thoughts through writing/typing

Required equipment: pen, paper ( or online variants).

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Kofi Oduro’s (Illest Preacha) artistic practice is an observation of the world around us, that he then puts into artworks for others to relate to or disagree with. Through Videography, Poetry and Creative Coding, Oduro tries to highlight the realms of the human performance and the human mind in different scenarios. These situations can be described as social, internal, or even biological, which we face in our everyday lives. Adding music and visuals often helps to perceive one’s own feelings, and to highlight the different subtleties that make us human. With a dose of technology, there is an endless range of progress in the human creative endeavours.

Mohamed Tarqui Jalloh (#ramblingintellect) is a Sierra Leonean Poet and Spoken Word artist. Intrigued by the genius of words from a tender age, he Co-founded The Village Poetry Collective SL in 2016 for young Sierra Leoneans who are creative in the lingual arts.The Village Collective have since hosted spoken word events in 2016 and 2018. He is also a member of The Sierra Leone Writers Forum, Tok U Tok Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone Literacy Club, International African Writers Association and one half of The Preacha Draws The Rambler Speaks; a continuous creative project together with Kofi (Illest Preacha). He is currently working on a spoken word album.