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Financial Times: Ctrl-Alt-Concerto!

The Financial Times published an article profiling the rise of Laptop Orchestras and Ensembles last week.

As well as a number of Laptop Orchestras – PLOrk, L2Ork and BiLE, The Network Music Festival got a mention along with the first Symposium of Laptop Orchestras and Ensembles which will be held in Louisiana in the spring!

BiLE will be performing at the Network Music Festival along with many other interesting laptop orchestras/ensembles/bands and other groups who are using networking technology in many other interesting and innovative ways! It’s great to see some media attention for this growing area of music and I hope that we can encapsulate the spirit of experimentation through technology described by Alex Newman in the article:

‘…at the heart of the laptop orchestra movement is both a commitment to experimentation, and an alertness to technological change: two elements that have always driven music to exciting new places.’

I know that I am certainly excited by the festival and I hope that you are too!

You can read the full article here!

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